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How to start

1. Register your account
Click to "Register" and fill in personal and company information, as requested in the registration form. Please note that the fields with “*” are mandatory for filling.
2. Verify your Email
Check your email to find a confirmation letter sent automatically from Portal. Open it and click the link confirming the email belongs to you.
3. Get account approval
Within 48 hours you will receive an email from our administrator approving your account. Pay attention the account confirmation is a subject to providing all requested information. Administrator may ask for additional information or clarification.
4. Check our rates
After getting account approval you will be able to enter it and to check the rates for Silver, Gold and Platinum voice products. Compare the rate plans and choose the most suitable product to match your needs. You may contact your Account Manager for any related questions.
5. Add your IPs
Go to the menu Settings --> Switches. Read the instructions for configuring your equipment for getting access to the service and also add your IP addresses that will be used for sending the traffic to Portal.
6. Top up your account
Go to the menu Billing, choose suitable payment option to recharge the account, transfer the money and start using the service. Note, that PayPal and Credit Card payment can be done directly from the account, but Bank Wire should be done from your own online banking using our Bank Details displayed in pop-up window after choosing this payment option.